A guide for home baby care and safety

A guide for home baby care and safety

All parents want to create a safe and friendly space for their infants.

Top Shop 4 Kids team has prepared some tips for baby care and safety to help solve this vital task.

Healthy sleep for your baby

Sleep is not only a time when a child recovers his energy and strength to explore this fascinating world further when he wakes up.

During sleep, the brain works intensively, develops, organizes information, and consolidates the accumulated experience.

Besides, during sleep, the brain releases growth hormone, which is necessary for the harmonious development of the body and its growth in weight and length.

When a child does not sleep well at night, he will be more nervous and inattentive during the day.

And, of course, the rest of the family will also sleep poorly because the sleepy baby requires attention at any time.

Make your child’s nighttime rest more robust and continuous, and it is essential to know the causes of the sleep disorder.

If your baby is afraid of the dark, you can comfort him with the help of night lights, for example, this Starry Baby Night Light.

It gives a soft, restful light that does not disturb the baby’s sleep but makes the room look safer than ever.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a child to sleep in complete silence.

In this case, we recommend using the White Noise USB Machine that produces soothing sounds.

This calming noise stimulates deep sound sleep.

They are no more losing the pacifier!

Every day, an infant faces many new things that cause emotional imbalances, and then he needs to calm himself down.

pacifier for a baby is an effective way to self-soothe.

The Saturday Baby Pacifier Clip can be easily attached to your baby’s clothes or blanket, so you will not lose it if the baby spits it out.


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