How To Choose A Teether For Your Baby

How To Choose A Teether For Your Baby

One of the most challenging children’s growing-up stages is teething.

It is hard both for parents and babies.

The first ones don’t know how to help and relieve the discomfort of their little ones.

Children, in their turn, are suffering from pain and misunderstanding what is going on at all. It’s difficult to say who feels worse.

Thankfully, there are several ways to soothe the pain.

First and foremost, you might ask your pediatrist for some medicine that can kill the pain and help teeth eventually cut.

In addition to this, teethers will become, if not salvation but a great helper during this challenging period.

Choosing a teether, you need to understand that it is not just a toy.

It is something your child will put in their mouth many times.

You might wonder how to find the safest and well-suited option. It’s what our article will help you with.

The first thing to consider is What kind of materials a teether made.

Never consider a teether with BPA, PVC, phthalates, or toxic paints, and consider choosing a hypoallergenic one.

One of the best options is a wooden teether like our Fox Wooden Teether Ring Rattle.

If you prefer a non-wooden teether so better go for our Silicone Llama Teether.

The next aspect to take into consideration is durability.

Teethers need to stand up to chewing, sucking, pulling, and don’t rip or break.

That’s why you need to ensure the quality of the toy before giving it to your baby.

Plus, we recommend always supervising your child when they are with a teether.

Teethers come in many textures and shapes to keep your babe entertained.

While added texture can be soothing and fun for the baby, make sure the overall surface teether is smooth and has no edges that could dig into the gums.

Following these three tips, you will get the best teether for your baby.


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