Indoor and outdoor activities for kids

Indoor and outdoor activities for kids

Strenuous activity is vital for the children’s bodies.

It is of great importance not only for their physical but also mental development—this reason why parents should pay special attention to the organization of a rational regime.

In the daily routine, walks and various games should take at least three hours.

Today’s Top Shop 4 Kids article describes what activity and educational products can help you with that challenge.

For the smallest ones

Swings are perfect for babies and toddlers.

They give them much fun, and at the same time, they help to move.

Your baby will be happy to enjoy this Red Baby And Toddler Swing Seat or Wooden Baby Swing For Babies And Toddlers.

Such swings can be installed either in the yard or right at home.

Don’t forget to develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Finger Paint is a perfect solution for this task.

Such painting combines art, education, game, fun, and development.

Preschoolers and primary schoolers

All systems and organs of the preschoolers are in the process of formation and growth.

Incorrect posture can lead to deformations of their bones.

Besides, improper sitting (close distance from the eyes to the book and notebook) can lead to myopia development.

The pose with the chest against the edge of the table makes breathing difficult, increases fatigue, and disrupts writing.

Teach your child to sit at the table properly: straight, leaning on the back of a chair, slightly tilting the head forward, with hands lying free on the table.

You can use stability balls, or balance balls, as a chair to strengthen the core and improve the child’s posture.

You can choose the balance ball that suits you most in our online store, from the most minor (45 cm/18 inch Balance Ball) to the largest one (65 cm/26 inch Balance Ball).


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