Reasons To Get Wooden Toys For Your Child

Reasons To Get Wooden Toys For Your Child

One day you might find yourself in front of the shelf bristling with various plastic toys.

They are bright and nice-looking. And, suddenly, in the middle of this plastic world, you see IT – a simple wooden toy.

We don’t know whether you will grab it and run to a casher or prefer to buy another plastic (don’t mean bad) toy.

But we’d like to share several reasons why you might want to consider purchasing wooden toys the next time you see them.

Maria Montessori, renowned for her educational method for children, claimed that toys made from natural materials such as wood are the best.

They are natural, safe, and inspiring for children. Additionally, they are pretty durable.

If you are one of the people who are concerned about the environment, wooden toys will be a good option for you. 

They are much less hazardous for our planet than plastic ones.

What about the benefits of wooden toys for children?

Research suggests that playing and learning environments featuring natural elements like wood help children concentrate.

More specifically, touching wood physically calms children down, which means playing with wooden toys can negatively impact a child’s brain.

Besides, little kids are easy to disturb. Bright colors, loud noises, and flashes can grab their attention fast.

However, over-stimulation can lead to negative neural impact, making it more difficult for the brain to think critically.

In other words, a toy doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. 

Simple wooden toys are not only an excellent introduction to the real world.

They also boost children’s creative skills.

For example, from the standard wooden blocks, your little one can build a huge castle, which will start another imaginative game such as rescuing a princess from the tower with a dragon.

Wooden toys are beautiful, eco-friendly, and safe.


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