Why Babies Need Rattles

Why Babies Need Rattles?

Probably, one of the first things that come to mind when you think of baby toys is a rattle.

For adults, this noisy little item seems nowhere near something interesting.

But for babies, rattles are not just a fun toy, and they also have a substantial positive impact on babies’ development. 

By integrating rattles into daily playtime with your baby, you can promote and strengthen your child’s motor abilities and help him reach cognitive milestones, including his ability to think and reason.

Another considerable benefit of rattles is the development of cause-and-effect links.

When an infant shakes a rattle, they hear a noise. 

At some time, a baby will realize that this noise is coming from the rattle, and it happens only when they move it.

Then, the stage of experimentation will come.

We often see how a child drops the toy on the floor or bangs against the table.

It is just the way to see what the effect will be.

Rattles also play an essential role in the development of perception, especially during the first three months.

When you shake a rattle in front of your baby, you help them make sense of the world around them.

Also, the rattles exist in various bright colors. Check out our Dino Rattle.

It also helps to keep a baby’s attention and introduce colors to them.

In addition to all the advantages of rattles, many of them also have a dual function.

They can replace teethers.

The textured plastic surfaces of many rattles are made to soothe gums and provide babies’ stimulation as they grow.


As you see, they are pretty crucial for your baby development.

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